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Psyclon/Particle Son/Consectum/Abbyvain Reveiw

Well, I'm finally up and alive after last nights show which, I'm sure more then I would agree, is aptly named, night of technical difficulties. The follow is a recapitulation of last nights festivities.


Unfortunately I can't tell you which songs they played due to lack of prior knowledge of said band combined with zero interaction with the audience but I can say that they played clean. If they made any errors when playing, I for one, couldn't tell. My only quibble was the unintelligable vocals, I'm a big fan of processed vocals but there comes a point when it's a smidge too much and I think they reached it. All the elements blended together rather nicely, despite my personal preferrence.

Particle Son:

As aforementioned, I think Marshall (psyclon nine) stole my line when he said "we're changing our name from Psyclon Nine to Technical Difficulty". Our first song, "Binary Opposition" was going along as planned until I tried to use the vocoder, which, I was quickly told, was not functioning, when it had been during the sound check. The problem was quickly rectified or so we thought. The rest of the set started off with the best of intentions and slide rapidly downhill by the end of the remaining tracks. "Threat of Echoes" was went fine if memory serves me correctly *edit* Scratch that, my vocal processor reset itself for no apparent reason halfway through the song, thus boosting the FX volume and thus deafening the audience once again. Our third track, "anthem for a new tomorrow" was going fine until our vocoder demon decided to take a shit on the PA system. It would play fine for half a line and then spite out the most ear splitting feedback for no apparent reason and nothing helped. Thank fuck it was only used on those two songs. And then my worst nightmare, my ears either stopped functioning or stress took over because I could no longer keep time to save my life at this point. I've never had any trouble singing "Police State", never, but last night I was off time on two parts due to monitor dysfunction, I simply couldn't hear anything out of my monitors. So when it came time to decide whether or not to play one or two more tracks, I said FUCK IT, We're playing "Hardwired" and calling it a night, a song which came off without one fucking hitch. I was amazed.


When you can say something nice, keep your damn mouth shut. I really wasn't impressed with these guys. Musically they were pretty good, they had a great, heavy sound whose drummer was amazing. The singer however not so much, her off pitch singing was bested only by her motionless stage presence making her seems as if she were either stoned out of her mind or scared to death.

Psyclon Nine:

I've seen P9 about 6 times before and last night was by far the best show. It was honestly national act material proving once again why they got signed to Metropolis Records. Was a beautiful blend of "INRI", the new disc and their debut, "Divine Infekt". From the first track "INRI" to the last "Nothing Left" they gave a near flawless performance, playing my old favorites plus newly aquired delights. "Divine Infekt" and "Clinik" are always crowd pleasers as well as "hymn of the angel's decent" which drove the audience into and aboslute frenzy. The only two issues I noticed they had was Marshall's cordless mic went dead during "So Be It" and Joe's guitar, however good a player he is, was merely a wall of white noise. I believe the hightly of the performance to be, other then hearing "Harlot and "Behind a Serrated Grin" to be their cover of Ministry's "You know what you are", again, all around exceptional performance, proving they can rule the stage with an iron fist.
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