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Particle Son LIVE May 15th

Come see us tear Rock n Roll Pizza down this coming Sunday, May the 15th. I just checked out the venue last night and it's fucking rad so the show is going to be fucking HUGE.

I'll be haning out at Chance of Rain Cafe on Thursday, May 12th, that's tomorrow from around 3pm to 5pm or so to sell the last remaining tickets so please, especially if you're either confirmed or undecided, let me make up your mind...YOU'RE GOING!! that's all there is to it. you'll kick yourself if you don't.

IF YOU CAN'T MEET ME TOMORROW, THERE ARE STILL A COUPLE TICKETS LEFT AT CHANCE OF RAIN's located on SE 33rd AVE right off of Hawthorne, so come, get some coffee or grub, both are excellent there.

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